Planning your Romantic getaway in Paris

Debra Healy - Designer & Visionary

Debra is a writer, designer, design analyst, illustrator, jewelry and style historian, creator of concepts, inventions of the mind, literary and artistic works, symbols, characters, names, images, and designs, fine jeweler, enamel expert. Possessor of imagination, and a has a wicked wit.


Larry Davis - Organizer & Pragmatist

Larry as 11 years experience in planning and organzing events for couples, families, and wedding parties. He has 2 MBAs from both American and French universities and manages logistics. His job is to makes sure everyone turns up to the right place at the right time. Larry has in depth knowledge of Paris, Champagne, Loire Valley, Normandy and other French regions, as well as further afield in Rome, Venice, Florence, Barcelona and London.

Office Address:

Mr & Mrs Davis 81503 Camino Montevideo Indio, CA 92203 - 7724

Paris, France Tel: +33 1 45 51 53 80 / SMS: +33 6 14 29 52 74
Phone Hours: Mon to Fri 10am - 6pm Other times: Please use e-mail