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Paris has been the birthplace and refuge to many great artists, most of whom have dedicated a part of their work to the passions of the heart!

While love has have often been the inspiration for some of the world’s greatest works, the art itself has also served to liberate views on romance. Visitors today can visit many of these works as well as visit the homes, turned into museums, of some of these artists.

Museums such at the Petit Palais, and Jacquemart Andre not only hold lovely collections of art but also offer a romantic setting for tea or lunch and less people than the Louvre and Orsay. The Louvre is particularly romantic to visit at night and the Orsay with its romantic impressionist paintings and decorative arts is ideal combined with a very affordable lunch in the gold-leaf decorated Grand Ballroom.

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Due to new scientific discoveries at the time, 18th century France is most familiar to us as the Age of Reason. In the arts, however, it was an age of passion, desire and seduction. As belief systems about God, the Church and the Nobility’s right to rule that had come into question, the anxious French nobility turned their sites to a ‘paradise lost’. They became obsessed with art that was frivolous, fun and full of romantic seduction and erotic play. The many aspects of desire were explored by artists and devoured by wealthy connoisseurs, private collectors and the court alike. Renewed interest in ancient Roman and Greek gods of erotic passion Cupid, or Eros, in 18th century is quite visible throughout the paintings of this time. Cupid was often depicted as an allegory of the arts while famous courtesans posed as Goddesses.

The French Revolution of 1789 brought frivolous tastes to a halt as the bourgeoisie came into power. The Romantic Movement in art came into vogue. Instead of admiring nobility, art reflected the romantic sentiment to the people and to the nation. Instead of courtesans as Goddesses the nation became the ideal woman. With bared breasts, paintings depict her as a woman guiding the weak and leading men to fight for their freedom. The Realists took this new Movement one step further by glorifying the nation not as an idealized form but as romantic beauty in its reality. The Realists painted the world around them. For example, instead of painting languorous courtesans, sensual scenes of common women bathing themselves and dancers undressing exemplified erotic art.

Before Realism, nudism in painting had been reserved mainly for mythological figures and private pictures of and for the nobility. The Realists would give gallant pretext to painting everyday women in the nude. The Impressionists would take Realism one step further by painting their world around them using techniques that accented their own painting styles.

With the Bohemian lifestyle in full swing, 20th century Paris was the center for radical art movements. Young artists from around the world, Bourgeois and Bohemian, gathered in the cafés of the left bank to exchange ideas and promote expression. Loosened ideas about relationships between men and women became a central factor in the artists’ lives. New ideas about romance, love and fantasy are clearly represented in their art. Mythological figures of love and passion were reintroduced into fantastical landscapes. Artists reinterpreted their world through movements like Cubism, Surrealism, Fauvism and Modernism. With liberty, however, came emotional confusion and with freedom came infidelity in romance. The canvas was a place for the artist to express love and heartbreak through colors and figurative painting that revealed more of what was felt in the one’s mind and body than what the eyes could see.



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