For something Romantic but a little different try our private perfume tour of 3 luxury perfume houses.

"Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed" said Coco Chanel Great advice from a French woman who lived and loved passionately !

Perfume has long played an important role in affairs of love in Paris history. When it was first brought to the city by the Italian Catherine de’Medicii and her personal perfumer, Rene le Florentin, Parisians believed that perfume had the power to ignite love. Kings, queens and courtisans were sometimes just as famous for their romantic exploits as they were for their perfume. By the 18th century, Paris had become the center of the perfume industry. The court of Louis XV was known as the perfumed court. His lover Madame de Pompidour had great quantities of perfume invented for her personal use. Louis XV had a different perfume made everyday so as to always surprise and please his lover.

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Did you know Before his coronation in 1804, Napoleon commissions master perfumer Francois Rance to make two scents, one for himself and one for Josephine. The perfumes were designed so that if Napoleon and Josephine were in the same room, her scent would dominate, but if the two came together, the two perfumes would merge together to create an extraordinary new fragrance.



Includes: expert perfume guide / private transfer to the meeting point.
Available: all year
Start Time: around 10am / duration: about 2hrs

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Afternoon Perfume atelier & learn to make your own perfume (except wednesdays)

tour reviews

Thank you so much for arranging our perfume session! Our guide was knowledgeable and very helpful. Julie was in heaven with all the scents and went crazy mixing her own fragrances. I would recommend this as a delightful French experience for anyone of any age or gender. It was a great choice to do after crossing the Atlantic as it was not physically demanding. I would advise anyone with a bad case of "museum feet" to add this to their itinerary. This was a very special activity and we treasured it! Janet
5 Stars

I hope this finds you well and having enjoyed your weekend. Thank you again for your lecture at ESSEC last week about the perfume industry and your craft of making them. We had a wonderful visit! It provided such great insight into the industry and really added value to the program. It's evident what an exceptional skill you have and learning more about how you go about creating perfumes for clients really gave insight into how they are promoted to both niche and mass markets. We so appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to give us insight and hope to be able to work with you next year with a group and have them conduct a perfume workshop.
5 Stars

I wanted to take some time to tell you how much the students, male and female, enjoyed the perfume session in March. In fact, I would like to book it again for next March ... Mary
5 Stars

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